Friday, April 30, 2010

DWTS Week 6/Glee

I thought it was the group dance this week and instead they did a swing marathon-I MUCH prefer the group dance which I must point out is unscored! My two main points are A. Evan and Anna were robbed in their samba score and B. Evan and Anna were robbed in the swing dance. Why do the producers (and I am placing blame on the producers) so intent on pushing Nicole and Derek at us? I have seen somewhat of an online backlash against them. I am rooting for Evan (obviously) and Erin and Maks now! I feel like Jake, Niecy or Pam will go home.
Update: Jake went home. I was thinking he would. Thank goodness it wasn't Evan!

  • The return of Cheno! I adore Kristin (very much wish I could get to NY and see her in "Promises, Promises" but at least she's on my TV and singing some new songs (Fun note: A House is Not a Home and One Less Bell to Answer are both written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David as is the music for Promises, Promises))
  • Kurt and Mercedes get to sing! Don't get me wrong, I love Rachel and Jesse but it's great to hear some of the other gleeks. And Kurt was especially fantastic!
  • I wasn't too enthusiastic about the songs when I first downloaded them (I'm a completist so I will get them all) but I fell in love with Fire and I think that's fun and my favorite song of the week.
  • We also got to see a bit more of Quinn-I really like her even if some people are over her pregnancy plot.
  • And Sue was not taken down by that reporter! I was hoping she wouldn't be.
  • This week's best quote comes from Sue: "I will no longer be carrying around photo ID. Know why? People should know who I am."
  • Excited for next week with Olivia Newton-John!
1. Fire-April and Will
2. A House Is Not a Home-Kurt
3. One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home-April and Will
4. Beautiful-Mercedes
5. Home-April

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