Saturday, April 3, 2010

DWTS Thoughts

1. I haven't watched the last couple of seasons of DWTS but this season it drew me back. Why? Partly Shannen Doherty and she's already gone! But she would have been dancing with Corky Ballas rather than Mark and I still have bad associations of him with Cloris Leachman (who I despised on this show) so maybe it's good that she's gone. I'm sure her dad is proud of her.

2. I also like Pamela Anderson (I loved Baywatch-mostly because of David Hasselhoff; not sure if this was inappropriate viewing for a roughly five to six year old but if there was it probably went over my head). I like her partner too with his Australian accent and she's done pretty well.

3. I'm really liking Erin with Maks (I've never been a fan of his) They're so cute. I don't know if they're dating (and I'm not suggesting that they are because this is not a gossip site) but I would be in support of that.

4. My new favorite is Evan Lysacek with Anna Trebunskaya (whose name should be said ONLY by Tom Bergeron). If I remember to vote (because I can't watch the show live and so sometimes forget), I would vote for him. I'm hoping he can follow in the footsteps of Kristi and Apolo (and if you were a huge fan of Apolo and Julianne as I was, their episodes are currently on hulu if you want to relive the fun) and give Anna her first win (cos she SO wants it!)

5. I appreciate the patriotism of Buzz Aldrin but it is painful to watch him and I want him gone.

6. While I supported Kate Gosselin because Jon's a total tool, I don't like her and I don't want her on my TV (and by support I mean I've called Jon a tool and refrained from insulting Kate during their divorce). I'm not a big Tony fan but I feel sorry for him. I love how in some cases, fans care more about the pros than the stars (and I feel like I have that too!)

7. I didn't know Niecy Nash before but I really like her. She's pretty funny and she works well with her partner as well as talking about food a lot which is always good in my book.

8. Chad Ochocinco (I just realized his name is his number; that's kind of weird that he changed his name but at least now I will remember how to spell it) I like him and Cheryl together in their clip package-so cute although it looks also kind of distracting how he's flirting and she's trying to instruct. I'm not really a big fan (ew Bengals) but I want to see what they can do.

9. I was so sad to see that Jake Pavelka was paired with Chelsie who has replaced Julianne in my list of favorite pros (OK I still love Julianne) and I don't think she'll go to the top with Jake but hopefully she'll stick around for a while and he looks like a hard worker which will help.

10. Derek is one of my favorite pros (he has amazing choreography; I still remember watching him and Jennie Garth his first season and being in awe) but I am on the anti-Nicole Scherzinger side as she is someone who apparently minored in dance in college and has danced a lot. Derek has won before so I do not mind if he doesn't win this season and I am kind of rooting against them.

11. Aiden Turner is/was on my sister's favorite soap (All My Children although she does not care about his character at all) and he's good looking and all but I've never been very impressed with Edyta's choreography so he's a middle of the packer for me.

List of favorite pros:
1. Julianne (not on this season)
2. Chelsie
3. Anna

List of Favorite Male Pros:
1. Derek
2. Mark
3. Jonathan (not on this season)

Has anyone else been watching DWTS? Do you agree/disagree? Who's your pick for winning/Who do you want to win?

I very much want Evan and Anna and I think they have a good chance but I feel like the competition could go several ways so I have no idea who has the best chance of winning at the moment.


  1. I've only been watching DWTS for the past three seasons.

    I am not a fan of Kate Gosselin although I feel sorry for her because of her personal troubles. I also think it was a strange choice to put Buzz Aldrin on since his performances are as my dad puts it, "Walking With the Stars". It is great that he wants to boost the space program but he is unfortunately not capable of competing on the show. The Latin dances will be really really hard for him to do. Brave man for attempting it.

    Maks is a very talented dancer and I enjoy watching him dance but his attitude is incredibly annoying. He definitely seems to get along well with Erin compared to the last star he had to work with.

    I am not a fan of Pam Anderson and when Edyta dances with Aiden it looks like she is dancing with a coat rack.

    Last season I really wanted Maya to win (she was an excellent dancer) but Donny Osmond had the popularity vote. The season before that I wanted Gilles Marini to win (amazing dancer and very hot) but it went to Shawn Johnson who for me was just an okay dancer. I would love to see Evan win this season but it depends a lot on his popular appeal. Nicole is incredibly talented but I have a feeling she won't win.

  2. Le gasp! I love DWTS!!!!!
    I'm actually surprised Kate wasn't the first to go - she's so mean to Tony! Doesn't she know that he's THE NICE ONE?! Maks is the mean one!
    And I kind of like Pam Anderson too - she's surprised me so far!

    And I miss Julianne, too... but Kym isn't on it this year either, and neither is blonde Anna :(
    Oh well!
    Great post!!


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