Sunday, April 11, 2010

DWTS Week 3

1. Evan and Anna were SO adorable this week; admittedly the quickstep is my favorite dance so I may be a little biased but it was adorable. Evan is definitely improving and he danced with broken toes, like that's not a big deal. They didn't have much of a story though-she was late and he was waiting for her.
2. Buzz and Ashly: So glad he's gone; must confess that I didn't watch this-sorry!
3. Chelsie and Jake: a little over the top with like every Egyptian cliche in the book but not that bad. Jake seems kind of annoying but I do really like seeing Chelsie so hopefully they'll hang around a little longer.
4. Niecy and Louis: touching story and romantic waltz but not one of my favorites. I like to see her more upbeat.
5. Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl: I feel like Cheryl does really good paso dobles (think of her dance with Gilles which was a big hit although I didn't really like him). There was passion and a story but he's definitely lacking in technique.
6. Pam and Damian: Charo shows up in their clip package-um what?! But I liked her outfit and definitely saw the passion as Pam is very anti-animal cruelty.
7. Aiden and Edyta: thank you producers for showing him throw up last week, definitely something I wanted to see. Didn't much like their quickstep although I liked the color of Edyta's dress.
8. Erin and Maks: Loved it! So dramatic, definitely one of the more interesting waltzes I've seen for this show. Love their rehearsal footage-they're so cute together!
9. Kate and Tony: I like "Paparazzi" although it's not my favorite Lady Gaga song.
10. Derek and Nicole: I did enjoy it with the song ("Anything Goes") and Derek does such amazing choreography but I just don't like Nicole. I'm hoping they'll be kicked off early and dramatically like Sabrina and Mark.

What did you think? Are you happy Buzz is gone, too? Hoping for Kate next week? Does it bother you that I'm posting about DWTS on a book blog? Because I'm probably going to finish out the season unless for some reason the final three are Kate, Aiden, and Nicole-that would be seriously painful to me.

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