Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love Off-Limits

Love Off-Limits by Whitney Lyles
Simon Pulse, 2009
268 pages
YA; Contemporary

Summary: Natalie has been with Jeremy for a while but lately something feels wrong. Why does she feel like that? And why does Jeremy's best friend Matt seem so appealing?

Thoughts: I had so much trouble reading this book; I don't really like the concept (this bodes ill for when I finally get my hands on The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott). I hated reading her anguished feelings-so boring. Basically I did not like Natalie; Matt was not at all cute like some of the other Simon Pulse heroes have been because he had a distinct lack of development. Her parents were sketchily defined as was the rest of her family. Her friends were okay although not to put people in a box but Vincent sounds gay which might not end well.

Notes for people who've read it:
-I mostly loved Dragon Guy-she whines about his answers because they call her on her crappy behavior and she seems to want someone to tell her what to do and wave a magic wand so no one's feelings are hurt.
-"Natalie was not the kind of person who could go for her boyfriend's best friend" (not the exact quote but close enough)-actually you are and you are a boring character and an awful person.
-Of course Jeremy was already interested in Brianna and so it's a mutual breakup so no one's "the bad guy." Of course.
-p. 263-Jeremy and Brianna dress up as a nurse and doctor respectively; because of course only women can be nurses (and of course they'll wear lipstick and have big boobs) and only men are doctors.
-Who eats cheese fries AND ranch dressing? How many flavors do you need in your food? How many calories?

Overall: 2/5 I did not like it and do not recommend unless you are a completist!


  1. I'll admit to only the last one...I LOVE cheese fries with Ranch dressing. soooo good. I ignore the idea of calories when I eat them though...ugh...now you've got me wondering. LOL

  2. See I hate Ranch dressing so the idea of pairing it with anything is so gross to me!


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