Friday, April 9, 2010

Going Too Far

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
Pocket Books, 2009
245 pages
YA; Contemporary

Summary: Meg wants to get out of her crappy little town and she's so very close until a scrap with the law throws her in contact with John, a police officer who plans to never leave that town. Tension!

Why I Read: I saw good reviews of it and I enjoy Jennifer Echols' books.

My Thoughts: I wasn't too sure about this book as I usually prefer good girl/bad boy mashups (I can identify more with the good girl-yeah I'm kind of a goody two shoes) but I do love honorable men and I had a good experience with The Ex Games and I'm craving Endless Summer which doesn't come out until May (can't wait!) so I jumped in. Right off the bat I didn't like Meg or more accurately I didn't approve of her actions and attitude but she's honest and to the point so I started liking her more. She's hanging out with a pothead college dropout when she's arrested by police officer John who I also didn't like at first because she described him as looking maybe 40. He is very brusque and by the book. Then he decides to teach her a lesson by getting her assigned to shadow him to more fully understand the wrongness of her criminality. During they're conversations, there is immense growth and personal reflection (largely on her side since it's from her point of view) and I really appreciated that. There's more I want to say but they would be spoilers. It has a good ending and I recommend it.

Reader Warning: Casual attitude toward sex and some language.

Overall: 4 out of 5. I didn't love it like some bloggers have but I think it is worth reading, especially if you have enjoyed other Echols/want to read a slightly darker YA than usual. Not that this is that dark but compared to what I usually read, it is.

Cover: Not my taste-wish we could see the heroine's blue hair as that's pretty important to the story and I don't think the guy's chin is masculine enough.

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