Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Stats

Books Read: 24
Favorite: SO hard-I read a lot of good books; Redeeming Love, Shades of Grey; Anne of Green Gables
Least Favorite: A People's History of the United States or The Languages of Political Islam (Both assigned for school)
Longest: George Lucas' Blockbusting at 901
Shortest: The Time Machine at a tiny 128

Total Books for Year: 68
Total Pages for Year: 23576

Plans for April: I'm reading Wuthering Heights and I hope to read Wide Sargasso Sea to complete the Bronte challenge; I'm thinking about doing the Readathon on April 10th but have not yet officially decided. I hope to read more Anne books and more mysteries in the series I've started.

Challenge Updates: I've read one book for each of my challenges so hopefully I will continue to work on them!

Overall: I had a fantastic March-I read so many GREAT books that even the bad ones just fade away under their memory!


  1. ooh. Redeeming Love is one of my all time favorite books. Well done in your reading this month. Hope your April is as rewarding as your March.

  2. I love Wuthering Heights. I tend to read it again every 5 years or so. I have never read Redeeming Love but I am going to look into it now.

    Enjoy your next reading month!

  3. You had a really good month. I look at how many books you read and think it's amazing. I've never read Wuthering Heights but would like to one day. Hope April is another great month!


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