Friday, April 23, 2010

DWTS Week 5/Glee

DWTS-I don't have that much to say so here's what they danced to for movie night
1. Niecy-"La Bamba"
2. Chad-"The Bare Necessities"
3. Erin-"You Never Can Tell" from Pulp Fiction-so cute-are they dating?
4. Jake-Risky Business; He really is not afraid to look stupid; I guess that's a requirement for being on reality shows.
5. Pamela-"9 to 5"
6. Kate-The Breakfast Club
7. Nicole-Pretty Woman; I do love this song
8. Evan and Anna-My favorites saved for last! They dance to "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
And...Kate is gone!!!!!

I am not a big fan of Madonna but I loved this music stuffed episode! I almost always feel like musicals can have more songs so this was perfect for me! I haven't been too spoilery: I just want to know what songs are going to be there but not necessarily the context so I didn't know that Kurt and Mercedes would be Cheerios or that Jesse would join New Directions (I couldn't figure out why he was singing with them when the song was released). I missed getting to see Idina Menzel this week but I know she will resurface. I agree with some reviews of the episode I've seen that Vogue would have been better if it had been a surprise.

1. Express Yourself-Glee Girls (Where did Quinn's baby bump go?)
2. Borderline/Open Your Heart-Rachel and Finn
3. Vogue-Sue
4. Like a Virgin-Rachel, Finn, Jesse, and Santana (I did not really hear Will or Emma)
5. 4 Minutes-Kurt and Mercedes and the Cheerios!
6. What It Feels Like For a Girl-Glee Guys (Did not like)
7. Like a Prayer-New Directions (Where did that choir come from?)
Bonus: Burning Up-Jesse

And next week Kristin is back!!!!!

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