Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Ex Games

The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols,
Simon Pulse, 2009
302 pages
YA; Contemporary

Summary: Hayden and Nick have a history. And when he challenges her to a snowboarding contest, it's her turn to get the upper hand.

Why I Read: I love the Simon Pulse books and Jennifer Echols wrote my favorite, The Boys Next Door.

My Thoughts: Echols writes the most wonderful sexual tension scenes for YA that I've ever read. And Hayden and Nick have some good ones. And they have some good friends who are important parts of the story. I also love Hayden's family. The plot is pretty skimpy but you should know that if you've read any of these books.

Unfortunately the main characters are really stupid. I mean, they are such idiots and it takes them forever to just talk to each other and work out the massive number of issues that they have. Basically Hayden is still freaked out by having broken her leg years before and Nick is the son of tremendously wealthy parents. Why don't people ever talk to each other sensibly?! And Nick's hair sounds like it is too long for my taste but that's a weird thing that I have.

Overall: 4 out of 5 for delicious squishiness.

Cover: I love these covers-they're so distinctive! I'm definitely disappointed that they're changing them because I'm not sure I'll recognize them now.

Other Jennifer Echols: Endless Summer containing The Boys Next Door and a sequel is out May 25th-keep an eye out for it! I know I'm planning to buy it!

Reminder to self of Simon Pulse books I need to read: The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren (missed that one when it came out); Drive Me Crazy; Love Off Limits; Perfect Shot; Hard to Get; At First Sight

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