Friday, April 16, 2010

Perfect Shot

Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud
Simon Pulse, 2009
281 pages
YA; Contemporary

Summary: London loves volleyball but she takes the opportunity to sign up for a modeling contest in order to spend more time with hottie Brent. While her first goal is to win his heart, the cash prize would be helpful for the volleyball camp she wants to attend.

Why I Read: Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy! How could I *not* read this?

My Thoughts: I really liked London; she had a good head on her shoulders, very determined but able to have fun as well. I liked her instant crush on Brent and her struggles to feel like a girly-girl who could model. I liked reading a book about a sporty girl because I feel like there aren't that many (Authors write what they know/what the audience wants and in large part that's nerdy, quiet girls, of which I am one.) I did hate her for being super tall because I have always wanted to be tall (5'10'' was the goal) and I'm super jealous. I liked her friend Pam and her parents, who played minor roles.

One problem was the relatively low stakes. There was not as much of a conflict in this as there have been in other Simon Pulse books and I did expect something more dramatic. However what was there was satisfyingly handled.

Overall: 4 out of 5. Not my favorite Simon Pulse but worthwhile if you like the series.

Cover: Of course I love this! The main character plays volleyball (Hence outfit) while her love interest is a photographer (hence picture) and both of these explain the title.

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  1. So for some reason when I read this book I never thought about how the title of the book ties into photographer (DUH). Wow I can be a bit slow ;)

    I thought this book was really cute. It was my first Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy but I may pick up some other ones because this one was so enjoyable. I could relate to London being an athlete and not feeling very 'girly'.


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