Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zumba, Relaxation, and Oscars

When I was thinking about what I was excited about in the past week, I would have to choose my new shoes: the Zumba Z-Kickz II! I love the purple and pink even if it doesn't entirely match my Zumba wardrobe (as so far amassed). Aren't they pretty? And they're so lightweight with perfect pivot points for my Zumba steps.
Lately I have been so tired so after Zumba class and church on Saturday, I settled down with my books, computer, and TV. I also made sure to take a nap and basically was a hermit. I just need my alone time and I will be a much nicer person in-person this week!

I am also preparing to watch the Oscars, something I look forward to every year! While I'm not that excited about any of the films (I've seen two of the Best Picture nominees but have no strong attachment to either), the dresses should still be lovely and I think Billy Crystal is pretty great. Hopefully it will be a decent time.

How are you spending the last weekend of February?


  1. Those shoes look awesome, I want a pair! I love zumba. :)

    Great post. I'm new to your blog!
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  2. Oh wow!!! They ARE really pretty, B -- I just love the colours! Haha I've been having a pretty hermit-weekend so far too, but I'm loving having time to spend with my family! :) But I'm going to my uncle's going-away party tonight (since he's moving to ENGLAND -- crazy cool, right?). I forgot all about the Oscars! I had no clue they were on! Now I'm definitely going to make sure to catch some of it. Thanks so much for reminding me! :)

    It sounds like you're having a very relaxing last weekend of February, B -- I'm glad! :) Hopefully you have an awesome rest-of-the-week too! <3


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