Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week of 05JAN12: The Super Bowl

Probably the biggest American entertainment news for today is the Super Bowl. Personally I am not at all excited. We saw these teams play in 2008 (I was most happy to see the Giants defense dominate then) and I don't need to see them again. Most of my acquaintance are also less than enthused although please keep in mind that I am on the West Coast with many a 49er fan. I'm an Eagles fan and thus hate both teams. I'm not even very excited about the commercials as we've already seen many of them.

Something I am excited about is The Woman in Black, the new film starring Daniel Radcliffe. I am not a fan of scary pictures but I want to support an actor I really admire. I can't imagine him ever having a hit like Harry Potter again (nor does he anticipate such an occurrence) but I definitely want him to continue making movies and I will express that with my pocketbook. This film is also based on a book, which I don't plan to read, but I would love to hear if you've read it.

So that's my Sunday: church, The Woman In Black, the Super Bowl-should be good. What's going on in your life?


  1. Haha I know!! x) I don't really watch much football -- or sports at all, actually -- but my aunts and uncles are all getting together today to watch and cheer! I'll hang out with my cousins and I think it'll be fun! :) And I'm really intrigued (and terrified!) about The Woman in Black too! My friends are dragging me to see it, so I'll have to get over my fear though LOL. x)

    I hope you have an amazing Sunday, B! Even if your team isn't playing in the Super Bowl, it's always fun to cheer! :)

    1. I was so freaked out by a couple of parts but not as much as t group of people near me-they jumped at everything which helped to remind me that I was only watching a movie. I also ended up HATING the very much! Love to hear your thoughts once you see it.

  2. I'm not a fan of scary movies either so I'll curious to know what you think of it. My church always shows the Superbowl in the gym and does a huge potluck dinner and sets up bounce houses for the kids. While I'm not into sports either, the funniest part of the evening is always seeing how quickly the AV guy can sensor the sexually suggestive ads before we saw too much. It was hilarious.
    Truly Bookish

    1. I ended up being really scared and I HATED the ending-still I am happy to support Radcliffe in his future projects. Hope your potluck was great!


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