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Firelight by Sophie Jordan
Harper, 2010
323 pages
YA; Fantasy
4/5 stars

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Thoughts: I'm not usually one who swoons over boys in books; I don't know why, it just doesn't usually happen.  But that must be because those boys weren't Will. *sigh* I love Will (who incidentally is the only main character with a normal name).  I loved reading about his beautiful eyes, about his instinctive connection with Jacinda, and about his struggle to be part of a family far different from himself, just like Jacinda is.  He's sensitive and he treats her well, despite her own indecisiveness over whether she should become involved with him.  When I picture Will, I kind of think of Peter in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" (not the sequels) who incidentally also fits my image of Peeta, so I guess it makes sense that I'd love Will too.

But there is a lot to love about this book besides Will (although he is my number one reason!)  The mythology of the draki greatly interested me.  Although we didn't spend that much time with the pride, what was revealed tantalized me.  Basically they are descendants of dragons who have evolved the ability to demanifest themselves, meaning they can turn themselves into a human which helps protect their secret.  Additionally they all have specific powers.  Some are sleek and strong in the water; others can confuse humans with fog; Jacinda is rare and special because she can breathe fire.  She is the first one in her pride in several hundred years and they are desperate to keep her, especially because the younger generation of draki are not exhibiting those characteristics, thereby threatening the very continuance of them.  If she stays, she would be mated with the future alpha Cassian, with or without her consent.  Then there is the additional threat of human hunters who value the various properties of the draki.  It is very dangerous for Jacinda.

But Jacinda's mother and twin sister do not have this draki power and in a desire to protect Jacinda from the avaricious pride take her away to be enrolled in a normal high school where she connects with Will, feeling that instant connection.  They moved to the desert in order to kill Jacinda's draki so that she can be normal; however being with Will actually keeps hers alive.  She is torn between a desire to be with him and the wish to return to the pride.  Upping the stakes are Cassian, seeking to bring her back to the pride and Will's family, hunters of draki who would love the addition of Jacinda's skin to their collection (don't worry-Will is not restraining himself from killing her; he is as disgusted with his family's hobby as she is).

While I mostly enjoyed this book, I thought Jacinda was a bit annoying with her back and forth.  She was so indecisive and whiny.  Her family also bothered me.  Her twin Tamra delighted in being the "normal" one and was very unsupportive of Jacinda's struggles and her mother withheld important information from her.  Despite this flaw, I am eagerly anticipating the second book Vanish, which seems to be due later this year.

Overall: An enchanting debut; highly recommended

Cover: One of the reasons I bought this book, besides the good reviews, was the cover.  I think the scales at the corner are very beautiful and I love the font on the title-so elaborate and gorgeous.

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  1. Great review! I don't swoon much over fictional bos either, but when I find one, I stick to him.:) I am also intrigued by your description of the draki mythology. It sounds unlike anything I've read about before. I definitely want to read Firelight.


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