Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mission Statement

Lately I've been thinking about my blog a lot-changes/improvements I'd like to make such as a new design and maybe even a hosting change. But also minor changes or changes of clarification such as framing my blog. What is my purpose? How do I view my blog and what are my intentions? This led to a long post that I spent a lot of time writing and editing so that everything is as clear as possible.

To start, I recently reworked my heading to say "Bookworm1858: No-frills book blogging" and I feel like that goes part of the way to capturing how I feel about my blog. I don't really participate in memes or feature guest posts from authors or host many giveaways (although I am kicking around ideas for at least one later this year because who doesn't love the pleasure of winning a book?) But mostly I just want to talk about the books I have read. The other information can be good and I enjoy reading it on other blogs but it does not interest me the way that books on their own do. It's not a perfect description-I'm not sure that "frills" is the best word to describe extra content like memes and author posts but I haven't decided on a better description. I believe this will always be a work-in-progress but I am content with it for now.

I also hope this shows my lack of tolerance for drama. I've seen stuff about imprudent behavior from a blogger or from an author and I really don't want to get involved. I want to focus on the lovely books that we are so fortunate to have available to us. Is this hard? Yes, sometimes for I am not immune to blogger jealousy and other issues but I don't want it to infect my blog. In general I think of this as a place of positivity because I am so happy when reading. I want to champion the best in us.

I also hope to be relevant, to provide reviews of the buzzed about YA books for people who haven't read them yet and to spark conversation.  I also want to talk about lesser-known YA books, either because they're older or received less promotion. I hope that some people have discovered that we have similar taste while others may find me useful for the opposite purpose-perhaps me hating a book generally signals that you'll like it. And while my focus is YA, I still like sprinkling in some adult and MG books (MG books have been pretty awesome lately!) as they represent where my taste also lies.

Mission Statement: To present an honest book assessment, ideally providing positive aspects as well as negative if relevant that may aid you in determining if a book would please you. To spotlight the books I love and to be polite about the books I don't. To welcome people, new to the community as well as new to my blog and provide assistance if possible; to encourage new bloggers and to form bookish friendships with bloggers and non-bloggers alike.

These are items I'm still working on; I know my reviews have improved since the beginning of the blog (seriously-check out my archives and see how I had little idea of what I was doing) but they can still use more work. As for spotlighting my favorite books, I am planning to do some additional promotion of those books that are really powerful for me just so that I can say I'm doing my best to promote what I feel are some of the best books out there. And socializing isn't my strong point, either in blogging or in real-life. But I've gotten a lot better at checking out more blogs and commenting and I want to continue my growth in that area. I am also an older blog (since November 2009) so I do have some experience and am happy to share what I know.

So what do you think? Have you written a mission statement for your blog, if you blog?

One last addition to the mission statement: to provide super-cute pictures whenever possible. This is of my cat Aragorn who is also of a literary bent-look at his stack of books here!


  1. Excellent mission statement, I haven't written one but I do like what you had to say. The only meme I participate in is Monday Meme and it's more to keep me on track than anything ... I seem to be more accountable if I have it in writing on my blog lol but I do like visiting my favourite blogs and adding "must-reads" to my tbr pile.

    Kudos to you for being true to yourself but I must say I've enjoyed having you visit and comment on my blog lately ... keep it up pretty please!

    We have very similar taste in YA so I'll definitely continue checking out your reviews and I appreciate cute pics :))

  2. Great idea! :) and your kitty of sooo cute.

  3. Nice job on the new mission statement. I don't actually have a mission statement, especially since my blog keeps changing in ways I don't even know! But I admire people who can be so focused as you are!

  4. This is such an AMAZING mission statement, B! <3 One of the biggest reasons why I love your blog so much is because you always write honest & awesome reviews on books that I have or haven't read before, so I love the new "no frills book blogging" thing! Plus, there is a lot of blogger and author drama out there so I really admire you for staying out of that and wanting to focus on all of the awesome/not-so-awesome books that you read! :)

    And I LOVE having you around the blogosphere, so I'm glad that you're deciding to come around a lot more! Blogging can be very solitary, but it can also be tons of fun if you meet the right people. I can't wait to see all of the ways you'll be improving your already-awesome blog -- I'll definitely be around to check it all out! ;)

    ALSO: Your cat is so cute! x) <3

  5. You have SUCH a pretty cat! It makes me want to go adopt one right now. We had one adopt us awhile back, so we feed it and all, but it still won't let us pet it. :(

    I love your mission statement! And, I love your blog. I'm relatively new to reading it, but yours is definitely one of my tops for book recommendations. I'd be taking more of your recommendations if I could manage to keep my review stack smaller. ;)

  6. I love the idea of having no 'frills'. Sometimes it seem some blogs have so many memes you can't find the reviews. I've been mixed up in some blogger drama and it sucks the fun out of blogging. Not fun.

    I agree that book blogging should be more of a record for yourself than for others. Can't wait to see the changes.

    (also: Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :)


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