Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bloggiesta Plans

 You can still sign up over here!

I wasn't entirely sure if I'd be participating this year. Not that there aren't areas of improvement for my blog but I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. Until, inspiration struck! I have two pretty big areas to work on as well as two others it would be nice to complete.

1. I want to go through my 900+ posts and make sure that all are labelled properly. Mostly it is rating, author, publisher, and category that I need to confirm. It's a tedious process but at least my most recent posts are properly categorized so hopefully it will go quickly.

2. Then I want to go through my google reader, which says I am subscribed to 495 blogs. That's kind of a lot and I know that some of them are now defunct because I haven't cleared this out in almost two years plus some of them I don't read because they review books like adult paranormal romances. Once I have deleted some, I will be eager to replace them with YA blogs I actually read.

3. (Time permitting) Clean out google reader; comment on old posts or delete.

4. (Time permitting) Organize goodreads shelves. I used to do this every couple of weeks but I've slowed down. It's not necessary as I do categorize once I've read but it's nice to remind myself what books are upcoming and to get excited about them!

Wish me luck on my time-consuming endeavors! Are you participating in Bloggiesta?


  1. Awesome plans! I bet you can accomplish all of these! :-D

  2. Those sound like great goals. Very doable. Good luck! :)

  3. Nice list! So glad you'll be joining us! :)

  4. Those are all such amazing goals! I've always been planning to go through my own posts and try to organize them too, because I only recently started adding links and the series name to my reviews, but I never seem to have the initiative to start LOL! x)

    Good luck with all of your goals, B! They may take a lot of time, but at least they're for a good cause, right? :) Your blog will be even more awesome after that!


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