Thursday, March 22, 2012


Legend by Marie Lu
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2011
305 pages
YA; Dystopian
4.5/5 stars

Source: Library

I saw quite a bit of buzz around this book so I wanted to pick it up and see if it lived up to the hype. I was surprised to reach the first page and discover that the font was in gold (I did enjoy the matching color font in Maggie Stiefvater's Forever trilogy). Even more surprised was I to finish the first chapter and discover a different font, color, and narrator for the second chapter. And that is how the whole story is told: in alternating perspectives. Now this can be difficult if you end up preferring one narrator to the other and then you're just waiting for her to return but I was pretty evenly split.

Our first narrator is most-wanted criminal Day, a fifteen-year-old kid from the slums who has been bothering the Republic for five years ever since he failed his Trial. He causes great disruptions but seems to run alone and make a point of not killing anyone. Until the night he does kills Metias, brother to our other narrator June.

I really loved June (just the teensiest bit more than Day). She's a military prodigy, who earned a perfect score on the Trial (the only to do so) and has enjoyed a spectacular career at military school, where she is preparing to join her older brother in safeguarding the Republic until his tragic death leaves her alone in the world (she was already orphaned) and starts her off on the path to track down Day. Of course, because she's brilliant and innovative, she manages to find Day and have him arrested. But is Day as bad as the government says or is there more to the story?

I think what appealed to me about June was, well actually a lot of things, but two in particular. First her brains made me think of River from Firefly, a show I am currently savoring rewatching. This connection makes me happy. The other main reason is I love when characters think their government is so great and then slowly discover that major things are being covered up. Because then this character gets to go in high-gear and kick some major butt as June does!

Now don't get me wrong, I liked Day too. I loved their similarities-how both are so smart and can easily adapt to various situations; how they don't want to hurt people; how they're so protective of their families; how they want to do the right thing. This helped me root for their romance, which ended up taking a bigger role than I would have liked by the end but I'll forgive that.

Overall: A splendid time was had by me as I devoured this book-I would very highly recommend it!


  1. Ooh pretty, I liked the colour font matched to the cover in the Mercy Falls series and I love alternating narrations. Loved your review and I can't wait to read this one.

  2. I think I must be one of the few readers of YA that haven't read this book yet. I did have it checked out from the library and I started reading it in January but I decided to put it aside to read Cinder instead. It reminded me too much of Divergent at the time and I wanted to be able to give it my full attention. I may have to give it a try again this spring before I read Insurgent :)

    I enjoyed your review and your description of June. I prefer reading books with admirable characters as opposed to the antihero or characters that are very flawed or arrogant so I think I'd love June and Day.

    I tend to like reading books with alternating chapters (unless I end up not liking one of the characters or find them boring). It usually makes the pacing faster.

    1. I think seeing you with this book spurred me to check it out for myself; hope you get a chance to read it soon as I'd love to get your opinion!

  3. Has it finally happened? We both like Day?! :D I also agree, I like how Day and June were similar. It's sort of like they're one person, but Day is living the reality where the test was "failed" and June is living the life where her test was accepted.

    I love your Firefly comparison. One of my favorite shows :)

    1. We both like the same YA guy?! Saying that, I don't like Day in the same way that I love my favorite YA boys; it's as if I like him as a friend (that looks sooooo weird...)

  4. YAY! Your review is putting this huge smile on my face because I agreed with practically everything you said! Like you, I picked it up because of the hype and I loved how the different POVs were in different font and colour too -- the gold was so pretty! :) And I actually liked June just a bit more than Day too, although they were both such fantastic characters who fit perfectly together! <3

    Amazing review, B! I kind of want to re-read this book all over again haha! x)

    1. I kind of want to reread it myself as it's been about a month since I did; hopefully I'll have time to do so before the sequel appears.

  5. Oh, this book was a lot of fun--I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait for book two. :)


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