Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Story About Jane Austen (and the Week to Come)

Today is Jane Austen's birthday and as she is my favorite author and it is a Sunday ramblings post, I wanted to share a little story about my recent experience rereading Pride and Prejudice.

I was reading it on the Kindle app on my Droid because it came loaded for free (it is very important to the story that I was reading an e-book rather than a physical copy). While most of my friends like to read, very few of them venture into the YA realm so classics tend to be where we overlap especially when it comes to Miss Austen. Except that is for one friend who hates Austen, calling her boring (!) Well I always thought that was crazy until I reached Darcy's proposal and realized that it was just at the halfway mark (according to the app-this is not something I would have noticed with my paper copy since it has notes at the beginning and end that make the length of the book deceptive). Really all the exciting stuff takes place in the latter half and I can now understand why people would discard P&P if they didn't know all the goodness that was to come.

Reviews to Come-it's another busy week on the blog!

Kim Askew and Amy Helmes offer a twisted contemporary update of Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

Louder Than Words
This is actually my second read of the year where the MC cannot speak

The Raven Boys
Maggie Stiefvater's latest, which has received great reviews

Scent of Magic
The newest Maria V. Snyder-what more do you need to know???

The Girl in the Wall
 A YA thriller that spares no punches in who may live or die

Lovelier than Daylight
The conclusion to Rosslyn Elliott's Saddler's Legacy trilogy offering a deep look into one segment of the temperance movement in 1870s Ohio.


  1. Happy birthday jane Austen. Who knew? And I thin Emily Dickinson just had her birthday too.

    I could never imagine Pride and Prejudice seeming boring but I guess the pacing is different -- readers today have far less patience!

  2. I still have yet to read a Jane Austin book. I own all of them, but just haven't found the time to read them. I really want to read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion!

  3. I've tried reading P&P several times, and ended up giving up on it. You just gave me the encouragement to give it a better chance! ;)


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