Sunday, November 11, 2012

Music on #SykesSunday @thewantedmusic #IFoundYou

A quick little post that I meant to put up yesterday but time slipped away. It's not book-related but it does have a freebie at the end for US residents.

First, my beloved boys The Wanted have released their new single, "I Found You." You may remember I posted the video a while back but it's out now to buy. I believe it's available around the world and here are the links for US residents in iTunes and on Amazon.

And then for something completely different: I have also become really enamored with ZZ Ward. She had a free song available for download on US Amazon (it's actually free through November) but I liked it so much, I got the whole album. Totally worth it! Just wanted to let you know about a free song. I have also included the music video below.

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  1. I haven't heard of ZZ Ward before, but I'm digging this song. Off to pick it up at Amazon and listen to the rest of her album!
    - Jessica @ Book Sake


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