Friday, August 27, 2010

To Sin With a Scoundrel

To Sin With a Scoundrel by Cara Elliott
Forever, 2010
349 pages
Historical; Romance
First in Series
4/5 stars

Source: Won from Monica at The Bibliophilic Book Blog

Summary: Ciara is known (quite unjustly) as a lady who murdered her husband.  Lucas is known (quite rightly) as an unrepentant rake and womanizer who revels in his reputation.  Yet the Bluestocking and the Rake can help each other, thereby dispelling those nasty rumors and reputations.  And there will be absolutely no romance because they loathe each other.

Thoughts: I really liked this! I enjoyed reading about an academic lady with a young child who she loved and had to overcome challenges to keep.  She is rumored to have murdered her husband-a reaction coming about because society can't handle a brilliant woman.  She also has those dead husband's greedy relatives prowling around, proving a very real threat.  Luckily she has a strong circle of friends who want to help her.  And while my twenty-first sensibilities are ruffled by their decision that she needs a man as a champion, my knowledge of Regency society as described in romance novels knows they are very right.  But the man the choose!

That man is Lucas, Lord Hadley (who has a rhyme attached to his name!) is considered probably the worst rake in Society (or the best depending on where you're coming from).  His days are full of sleep as his nights are full of debauchery.  But he has a soft spot for his guardian academic Henry and will approach the Murderess when Henry says that she is the most appropriate scholar to study a newfound manuscript.  Now they can help each other.

And help each other they do, far beyond the bounds of their original agreement.  She helps give his life a purpose, redeeming his poor academic record, giving him responsibility for a family and taking care of others and teaching him a great deal additionally.  He in turn helps her find herself after years of brutality from her husband and provides a good role model for her son.  They were a lovely romantic couple and I look forward to them having a long and happy life together.

Overall: Fun chemistry and a bit of suspense with real stakes! I definitely want to check out the second book, To Surrender to a Rogue, which is hinted at a bit in this book; we meet the hero and heroine and even see them interacting.

Cover: Eh-not a fan of chopped off heads.  And there is an awful lot of words.

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  1. The title alone screams: read me!;) I really like this premise and your review confirms that this is a great read. I would like to read this one. Thanks for sharing!


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