Friday, August 20, 2010

Fairy Tale Friday

Friday is for Fairytales is a meme hosted by Irena at This Miss Loves to Read. Every Friday, you can choose a fairytale you love, or simply find interesting or haunting, and review it or simply say why you like it so much, or why it has captured your attention. Instead of a fairytale, you can choose a favourite fairytale character and describe him/her and tell us why you like them, or you can simply share an experience connected to a fairytale. Fairytales can be old and modern, written by a known author or anonymous, written down or passed on orally, short or in novel form (like re-writings of fairytales), international or typical for your country alone. In this case, present your country’s fairytale and we can all become acquainted with a new fairytale. So, make a post every Friday that is connected to the world of fairytales, be it a review, a character description or your own fairytale experience. Let’s celebrate fairytales and share our love for them.

This might be stretching the theme a bit but I feel that the movie follows a fairy tale structure: poor unpopular Mia uncovers the truth about her origins; a fairy godmother (and really what else could you call Julie Andrews) transforms her; she navigates the dangerous paths of high school; and ends up with self-confidence and a handsome "prince." Also because of this movie, I started reading Meg Cabot (I probably would have anyway but this accelerated it). It's a fun movie but beware the sequel (unless you like Chris Pine aka reboot Kirk)


  1. Not stretching the theme at all, anything connected to fairy-tales works.

    I love Princess Diaries! It really has the structure of a fairy-tale, you're right. The movie sequels are a bit weird.;)

  2. +JMJ+

    I agree this movie can be considered a modern fairytale! (I haven't read the book, though.) We've taken the name "Cinderella" and applied it to these sorts of stories, in which someone is lifted up from obscurity and made to shine, but we now want our new "princesses" to prove their worth as well. =)

    I think that Sylvester Stallone's Rocky is another great "Cinderella" story--a fairy tale in a gritty, urban setting that compromises on neither the magical elements nor the realism.


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