Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Plans for August

Plans for August: I have signed up for several book tours so hopefully that will be coming soon; I will continue to read my own books-I have several thoughts although you can make suggestions by looking at my goodreads shelves-check out the "own" shelf; I'm also eagerly anticipating Mockingjay (Team Peeta!)

Blogging Goals:
1. I'm trying to comment more, especially on my fave blogs but I read through google reader so it has an extra step to click through and I can be kind of lazy. My goal for the first half of August is 10 comments a day (and I follow over 250 blogs so this shouldn't be that hard) and then 15 for the second half. I don't want to be legalistic though; maybe some days I won't have time while others I'll end up posting thirty comments.
2. I also want to try to tweet my posts as well as ones by others that I think are especially interesting because I don't use my twitter nearly enough.
3. I've also written out a tentative schedule for posts in August. I haven't done it before because I don't really plan ahead what I am going to read but since I'm reading my own books, it's easier to arrange. I also think it might be helpful during the school year. We shall see.

Fairy Tale Friday Meme: I was going to try to focus on fairy tales featuring animals since July was all about princesses but when I was brainstorming ideas, princesses crept in so my theme for August is movies featuring Princess in the title, some of which prominently feature animals. I guess I have just always preferred fairy tales with princesses (too much Disney at an impressionable age? being a spoiled only child for five years? who knows?) I was also so inspired by my brainstorming session that I have themes and posts planned for the rest of the year. This reassures me that even if I get really busy with school, I will have one good post a week.

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  1. Hey. I hate to sound like I'm advertising, but if you're interested in fairytales, you might like to join in a fairytale facebook discussion, as part of the Once Upon A Week event? Please, please, don't feel obligated, and if I'm being obnoxious and pushy, I do apologise. It's not my intention =)


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