Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Man with Two Left Feet and Other Stories

The Man With Two Left Feet and Other Stories by PG Wodehouse
First Published in 1917
Short Stories; Humor
4/5 stars

Source: Through Daily Lit

Summary: A collection of stories, including the first appearance in print of the characters Jeeves and Bertie Wooster.

Thoughts: I decided to give this a read because I've never read any Wodehouse and I wanted to try Daily Lit through my google reader. Unfortunately for me, it is not a method that seems to work well. Some days I wouldn't have time to read it so that the next day, I'd have two installments. Other days it seemed like I had forgotten what I had read before. I think I really do better when I have the whole text before me, whether it's an ebook or a real book. That was also part of my problem with audiobooks.

Overall: The stories were pretty easy reads and there were some delightfully funny bits sprinkled throughout. I can't choose a favorite but I can recommend that you give it a try.

Cover: I didn't have a cover since I read this through Daily Lit but I believe this picture fits at least one of the stories and I think it's quite attractive.


  1. I read this at also-I enjoyed the prose style a lot

  2. I haven't read any P.G. Wodehouse either! But I should. Lovely review! I will check out Thanks for sharing!

  3. So many people rave about Wodehouse that I can't believe I still haven't checked him out! Must do list!

  4. This sounds pretty interesting. Nice review! :)


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