Monday, July 19, 2010

God in the Flesh

God in the Flesh by Don Everts
InterVarsity Press, 2005
160 pages
Inspirational; non-fiction
4/5 stars

Source: Present from a friend

Summary: We've heard many of the stories and words said by Jesus (sometimes represented in Bibles with red font) but Everts asserts that by looking at the responses to what Jesus said (the black words), we can learn anew about Him.

Thoughts: I really love the intro where Everts says that he tried not to write this book because did we really need more books and obviously we don't want to waste trees. And yet, Jesus is just so beautiful that it's difficult not to talk and write about Him. That made me laugh!

Each chapter is in the same format. It opens with similar passages of scripture, such as those were Jesus reached out and literally touched people. Then Everts expands on what these show us, shares personal anecdotes, and challenges us to go deeper with God. It really helped condition me to think about Him in a different way.

Overall: Good; short but worth savoring.

Cover: A good reminder of Jesus as human and someone who welcomes us to Him.

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  1. This seems to be a really good book about Jesus. I really like your review. Although I'm a believer, I don't read many such books because I find few of them to be good, but this one has my attention. Thanks for sharing!

    I agree about the cover.


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