Friday, July 30, 2010

Fairy Tale Connection

Friday is for Fairytales is a meme hosted by Irena at This Miss Loves to Read. Every Friday, you can choose a fairytale you love, or simply find interesting or haunting, and review it or simply say why you like it so much, or why it has captured your attention. Instead of a fairytale, you can choose a favourite fairytale character and describe him/her and tell us why you like them, or you can simply share an experience connected to a fairytale. Fairytales can be old and modern, written by a known author or anonymous, written down or passed on orally, short or in novel form (like re-writings of fairytales), international or typical for your country alone. In this case, present your country’s fairytale and we can all become acquainted with a new fairytale. So, make a post every Friday that is connected to the world of fairytales, be it a review, a character description or your own fairytale experience. Let’s celebrate fairytales and share our love for them.

On my first Fairy Tale Connection Post, I mentioned that while Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale, she was not my favorite Disney princess. That is because Aurora is my favorite Disney princess. When I was little, I was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty and I desperately wanted long, thick blonde hair in opposition to my shoulder-length, light brown, thin hair. I still crave hair like that sometimes but I'm mostly over it.

A reason for loving this movie though has deeper cultural roots. The score is Tchaikovsky's score for his ballet Sleeping Beauty. And it is one of the most beautiful films, IMHO. It's also super beautiful-just look at the parts of the castle we see as well as the intro. They're gorgeous! Another highlight is that this is the first prince (following Snow White and Cinderella) to have a name and a bit of a personality. I've read that Disney's animators weren't good at drawing men and that is why there are so few in the earlier films.

What Fairy Tale are you thinking of this Friday?


  1. This is a really good post! I love Aurora, too.;) Oh, Tchaikovsky's music is just fabulous, it's perfect for this story.
    I had no idea Disney's animators couldn't draw men well, lol. That's interesting. I'm glad they can draw them now.

  2. +JMJ+

    To me, Aurora is the Disney Princess who is most flawlessly right. Even when I try to boot the Disney imagery out of my head when I reread Sleeping Beauty, she always keeps coming back.

    And yes, the way they adapted Tchaikovsky's music is just wonderful! He is one of my favourite composers.

    As for Prince Philip . . . Swoon! . . . My first fictional crush, I think. (Well, if you don't count Disney's Robin Hood. LOL!) Yes, he has a great personality and good rapport with his horse ;-)--and I really wish he and Aurora had been given more to say to each other after they were reunited.

    I used to have a friend who studied ballet and liked to say that the music and the dancing make words unnecessary--and the ballet she was talking of was Romeo and Juliet, which, of course, we associate with William Shakespeare's words more than its music! This is one instance in which I totally disagree. I still love the movie, of course, but what Aurora and Philip said to each other after the kiss is something I will always wonder about.


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