Monday, July 12, 2010

Eclipse (Movie)

So I finally saw Eclipse with my sister (she was abroad when it came out otherwise we would have seen it already. I am not a fan but I've taken her to see all of the films and this one has received more positive reviews than the previous ones although that's not saying much. I guess there are some spoilers if you are one of the few people interested in this film who have not seen it yet.
-First we walk in to the theater and there are two people sitting in the back row; we sit about four rows in front of them and then two more people come in and sit right in front of us which I think is an egregious breach of movie theater etiquette. I mean, that was an empty theater! They should have sat to the side.
-Then I didn't recognize that the film had started. It just flashed the Summit logo and then started with Riley who my sister kept calling by his real name Xavier and thus confusing me. It was a sucky transition from trailers to film, I'm just saying.
-I also kept laughing for no real reason just because what they said was so stupid or their hair/facial expression was so stupid.
-I loved the flashbacks for Rosalie (what year was that supposed to be-20s/30s?) and Jasper
-Barely any Anna Kendrick :-( I loved Anna in Up in the Air and she helps make these films tolerable but of course the regular humans hardly appear.
-I am now firmly Team Werewolf (not even sure that's a real team) because Jacob made some good points about liking someone who a. has a heartbeat; b. is like a personal space heater; and c. doesn't want to kill you when smelling your blood.
-I also learned the disturbing fact that my sister thinks she's been in love with Edward for 2 years-I am not pleased.
-And Jacob owns at least four shirts although I am sure he has several plain black shirts because that's such a classic look.

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  1. I just love your review, it was fun to read and it made me laugh! I believe that no matter how much these actors try, they can't really be good because the story is not good. Just saying... But I'm glad there were Rosalie and Jasper flashbacks. Jasper is the only character I can tolerate in the saga and even more, I really like Jasper. Thanks for sharing!


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