Monday, November 23, 2009

Top 10 TV Couples

I saw this meme at Angieville and since I love TV I decided to make my own list. I ended up with so many couples that I created an honorable mention list for couples that were for one reason or another disqualified from the main one. I did this one as a countdown so scroll down if you want to see my number one pick.

Honorable Mentions:
Homer and Marge-I grew up with The Simpsons (we're both 20!) and if this was ten years ago, they definitely would have made the list. Unfortunately I have still continued to watch the show and I am frequently disgusted by the antics Homer gets up to and the way Marge forgives him. I know Homer loves Marge and his family so much but I can't quite get over the awful things he does.

Peter and Olivia (from Fringe)-I have only watched about half of season 1 so I'm not as committed to it as I am with other shows and something could change although on the whole I think not.

Sheldon and Penny (from The Big Bang Theory)-First if you're not watching this, you definitely should; it's one of the funniest shows on TV. Now technically Penny is dating Sheldon's roommate Leonard and Sheldon has zero interest in love/romance/sex but I still like watching their scenes together and I think they have great chemistry.

Sabrina and Harvey-I did almost put this on my list but I have two other couples from shows that I felt were similar to this so I did not.
Rory and Logan-I think one of the great TV questions for my generation is: who should Rory have been with, Dean, Jess, or Logan? Earlier this year a big group of my friends ended up having a big debate on this topic. We are very passionate about it. I personally never liked Jess (and I hated him when he played a similar character on American Dreams and part of the reason I didn't watch Heroes was cos I saw Jess and couldn't bear to watch; nothing against Milo Ventimiglia who is very nice I'm sure) and I didn't like Dean after he slept with Rory while married. But I liked Logan-it didn't quite make the list because I didn't watch many of the later episodes.
Stephanie's List

10. DJ and Steve-I loved this couple (I like Rebecca and Jesse too but at this point in my life I feel closer to the teens than the happily married parents). In my imaginary Full House Reunion Movie, they're married with three kids and end up taking over the house-it's very cute.
9. Annie and Eric-maybe it's just because I've been watching a lot of 7th Heaven reruns but I really like them. They have a strong loving marriage and they deal with problems together (for the most part). Although I'm not entirely sure how two wonderful people managed to raise the awful Mary and Ruthie (seriously they suck and Matt isn't much better)
8. Booth and Brennan-The only couple who isn't really a couple (YET) on my list. I am very hopeful that they will end up together eventually but until then I love the lingering looks Booth gives Brennan. And he loves her!
7. Daphne and Niles-This past summer my parents were taping something like 20 episodes of Frasier a week. At first I wasn't watching but it was on all the time so of course I fell in love. I didn't like how the writers handled them getting together (did Niles really have to get married?!) But even so I was immensely happy to see them once they were married and expecting.
6. Cory and Topanga-I kinda blame this show for giving me unrealistic expectations of high school but this was a major part of my childhood (also Philly!)
5. Jim and Pam-I liked them best in season 2 when my energy was spent hoping for them to be together. I don't like them quite as much as I used to (Andy and Erin!) and I was displeased that Pam got pregnant before they got married but I still like them a lot and will even after the show ends.
4. Eric and Tami (or Coach and Principal Taylor)-I LOVE my parents but if I was picking a different pair, I would want the Taylors although I wouldn't want Julie as my sister. And I wouldn't want to live in Texas.
3. Blair and Chuck-this third season has been disappointing as they are hardly in the episodes (it's like the writers decided that CHAIR was too awesome so they have to be shown less so the other characters have a chance to shine. But the other characters mostly suck so it's not good). I love them and I hope they can continue!

2. Monica and Chandler-I posted about this couple at Angieville but I'll repeat it. When I first watched the show I loved Ross and Rachel and liked Mondler. Now as I watch reruns I realize how much I hated the baby/Rachel&Joey storylines which really ruined the couple for me. Now I realize that I love Monica and Chandler (and I kinda want to marry a Chandler-a funny sweet guy who just happens to be my best friend) Even before they get together there are all sorts of sweet moments with them.

1. Sam and Diane-I love Cheers (I also love Frasier and Lilith and Woody and Kelly). I still liked the show even after Diane left and found Rebecca really fun too. But you just can't beat Sam and Diane. I was going to share my favorite moment but then I realized that I had two so: A. The professor read War and Peace but Sam read War and Peace for Diane; and B. Sam can't say "I love you" to Diane.

So those are my favorite TV couples. I'm also working on a movie couples one (haven't seen a meme for it but I'll link back if I do) and maybe a book couples post too.

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