Saturday, November 21, 2009

All About the Brontes Challenge

Wow-another challenge already but this one coincides with personal goals/FITG. My first experience with the Brontes was reading Jane Eyre in 9th grade. Needless to say I hated it-it was so boring. Around that time I discovered Pride and Prejudice, confirming me as a Janeite and leaving me somewhat anti-Bronte. I've felt bad about that though and have been meaning to rectify my closed-mindness. I've seen the 1939 Wuthering Heights (I love Olivier) and the 1996 Tenant of Wildfell Hall and I enjoyed both of them although the former because of the actor-I just don't get how Heathcliff is romantic.

The challenge is to read/watch/listen to 3 to 6 items about anything Bronte between January 1, 2010 and June 30, 2010. I wrote up a tentative list and it had 10 items on it so I will hopefully be able to complete it.

Tentative List:
  • Wuthering Heights
  • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  • Agnes Grey
  • The Life of Charlotte Bronte
  • The Eyre Affair (would be a reread)
  • The Taste of Sorrow (I really enjoyed two other books by Jude Morgan so this is a must-read for me)
  • Wide Sargasso Sea
  • The Thirteenth Tale (which has been on my list for a while)
  • Jane Eyre 2007
  • Wuthering Heights 2009
Thanks to Laura at Laura's Reviews for hosting this-I'm excited to get started!

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  1. Great list! I'm excited that you will be joining the challenge!


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