Friday, November 27, 2009

Recommendations #1

Wolf Hall has revived my interest in Anne Boleyn. I visited wikipedia and it had a list of books featuring her. I am posting that list and asking if anyone has read any of these or any other books that talk about her? Which would you recommend?


1. The King's Rose-Alisa M Libby
2. Luther's Ambassadors-Jay Margrave
3. Mademoiselle Boleyn-Robin Maxwell
4. A Lady Raised High-Laurien Gardner
5. The Queen of Subtleties-Suzannah Dunn
6. Doomed Queen Anne-Caroline Meyer (READ)
7. Dear Heart, How Like You This?-Wendy J. Dunn
8. The Other Boleyn Girl-Philippa Gregory (READ)
9. The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn-Robin Maxwell
10. Blood Royal-Mollie Hardwick
11. The Lady in the Tower-Jean Plaidy
12. A Tudor Story: The Return of Anne Boelyn-W.S. Pakenham-Walsh
13. The Concubine-Norah Lofts
14. The King's Secret Matter-Jean Plaidy
15. Anne Boleyn-Evelyn Anthony
16. Brief Gaudy Hour-Margaret Campbell Barnes
17. Murder Most Royal-Jean Plaidy
18. Queen Anne Boleyn-Francis Hackett
19. Dissolution-C.J. Samson
20.The Dark Rose-Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

While I mostly enjoyed TOBG, I did not like the portrayal of Anne. I am a big supporter of her and I feel that she was greatly hampered by living when she did. She was smart, cunning, and ambitious and could have done a lot if she could have worked for power on her own right as say Cromwell had. Ideally I would prefer sympathetic views of Anne but it is not necessary.

I would also like to read some books about the Reformation. If it's fiction, preferably set in England or Germany and told from a Protestant point of view. If non-fiction, then just a really good book covering any area.

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