Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goals of Blog

I would like to write a bit more about why I am keeping a blog and goals for one:

1. I hope it will encourage me to read more in college and beyond. I have allowed college work and the internet [] to distract me from what I have always considered my favorite activity.
2. I would like to create an archive of books I've read. I can usually remember what I've read especially if I can see the cover but not always. I also tend to have a bad memory for authors so this would help me remember.
3. Strengthen my critique/analysis skills. I was always average in English because I could read and discuss but not necessarily write it all out. I also feel like I should be better-practice should help.
4. Encourage me to explore new authors via challenges and following other blogs. While I have done challenges without a blog, I think it will be more fun with one.

Other thoughts:

1. I think I will be using a rating system of 1 to 5 stars as well as including recommendations for who might enjoy the book.
2. There probably won't be many negative reviews as I generally don't finish books I don't like. I believe very much in the idea that I only have so much time and I don't want to spend it reading something I don't like. It doesn't mean the book is bad or without merit, just that it didn't appeal to me at that time. I can always go back and try again.
3. I'm unsure about whether I need to specialize. Most of the blogs I've seen focus on some genre like romance, YA, or fantasy. But I've never been able to stick to just one genre. At the moment I seem to be in a bit of a mystery/historical groove but in a few weeks I know I will be reading fantasy and beloved childhood books (BSC!) I don't think there's any genre I avoid-I'm pretty open to reading anything.

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