Sunday, May 20, 2012

Help-Book Recommendations Wanted!

On Friday, I posted my review of Gilt by Katherine Longshore, a YA historical fiction about Catherine Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII. It left me craving more about her as well as fourth wife Anne of Cleves. I am hoping that you might be able to make a recommendation to me, middle-grade, YA, or adult. I have read far more about Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn than about the later wives so any recommendation you can make would be appreciated. Thanks!


  1. try crusade in jeans a dutch historical modern classic by thea beckman

  2. I don't know about the historical accuracy but Philippa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance covers Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard. It might include Katherine Parr too but I can't remember. Margaret Campbell Barnes wrote My Lady of Cleves about Anne of Cleves (she also might not be historically accurate but not much historical fact is known about Anne of Cleves so I was okay with it). Jean Plaidy is another popular author of Tudor fiction but I haven't read any of it yet. Carolly Erickson wrote The Last Wife of Henry VIII (another one I haven't read).

    Carolyn Meyer wrote books about the various Tudor royals and Alisa Libby wrote The King's Rose about Catherine Howard for YA.

    I like Tudor fiction and nonfiction and one of my favorite nonfiction books is The Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser.

    Check out the list of Tudor fiction/nonfiction on Goodreads for more ideas:


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