Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Roundup and the Week to Come 07APR13

Hopefully you saw this but I finally posted my 500 followers giveaway! The prize is $20 at The Book Depository so it's international and is not limited just to followers. Be sure to get your entry in as it ends April 13.

My eyes are continuing to heal and I'm still trying to adjust to no glasses. I still reach for them on my nightstand when I wake up and it'll probably be a while before I stop. I also got a haircut this week so am enjoying my new look.

I've been in a bit of a reading and blogging funk. I have all these books and I want to read them but have had trouble concentrating. I also have several reviews to work on but have lacked motivation to write. I think it's partly the eyes but also a newish passion for being more active and itchiness-I want to get up and go and I can't read at the same time, alas!

Week to Come:
Red Handed by Matt Kindt, a mystery in graphic novel format
Shadowlands by Kate Brian, serial killer in YA!
Exile by Rebecca Lim, highly anticipated sequel to Mercy
The Rules by Stacey Kade, cool start to a new YA trilogy
The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban, YA contemporary set at a boarding school
Daughter of Jerusalem by Joan Wolf, adult biblical retelling about Mary Magdalene

What are you up to? Happy reading!


  1. Glad to hear your eyes are doing well. I would love to be able to not wear my glasses. I am looking forward to your reviews this week. Enjoy your Sunday.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  2. I understand about the restlessness! Having a week off blogging was nice and it made me wonder whether I should cut back to five posts a week. We'll see. Maybe we both just have spring fever!
    Glad your eyes are doing better and SO excited that you got Bitter Kingdom too :)

    1. I've thought about cutting back to 5 posts too but there are just so many books I want to read and talk about! Not sure I'm ready for that change yet.

  3. Too bad you've been in a reading and blogging funk. I've dealt with that a lot this past year. It's hard to get out of. I found that taking a break really did help.

    1. I'm thinking I might take a break as I am diving into some real-life activities this spring, which will shorten the amount of time I can devote to blogging. I just feel like I've made some good strides and I don't want to break it.


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