Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week of 15JAN12 Updates

Last week, I asked about commenting systems and got some very helpful information about Intense Debate. In light of that, I will be staying with Blogger-this is ideal for me because I don't have to do anything :) I believe I do have embedded comments now available due to blogger updates so that's cool.

This week I wanted to ask about custom blog designs. It's something I've been thinking about but inertia is strong with me (I like my polka dots-they're bright and cheery). I was wondering how close you look at designs or do you mostly just hope everything is readable and not too garish? Do you have a custom design? Who would you recommend?

Beauty and the Beast 3D/Tangled Ever After

This weekend I took my sister to see B&B in 3D, a format we both hate because of the awkwardness of the 3D glasses over our actual glasses. That is the second worst thing about 3D (the worst is that it is usually just a money grab and not at all necessary, as it was in this case). Still we do love B&B and we also love Tangled especially Maximus and Pascal so I was so excited to see this. It was very cute and ridiculous! However it is not necessary to see it in theaters; I believe it is supposed to hear on the Disney channel this spring and you could wait until then.

It is also the Golden Globes tonight-the best award show! The award itself is basically meaningless but it has television AND movie people, lovely dresses, and an abundance of alcohol. Plus Ricky Gervais is back (I thought he was hilarious last year-perfect for a gossip junkie like me) so it will also be funny and hopefully move at a good pace. I'll probably post pictures of my favorite dresses later as awards season is one of my favorite times of the year!

How was your weekend?


  1. I love award dresses! :) I feel the same way about 3D movies. Argh, especially the glasses over glasses part. I didn't know there was a Tangled follow up. I'm totally going to try to catch that on TV when it's available.

    And, NOOOOOOO! Don't change your dots! I love them and, yes, they are very cheery and happy. :) But I'm also slow to change with everything, so don't mind me. If you want to change your design, go for it! I'll read your blog no matter what you do :)

    I didn't buy my design, but I listed a few sources in my discussion post today that might be useful. Some people also talked about what they look for in designs in the comments. Me, as long as the blog is clean, clear, and easy to read and navigate then I'm happy. Your blog design hits all the right marks for me.

    1. I saw the links in your discussion post, which made me think of this topic. If I change, it would definitely be to something that is also bright and cheery as I feel that is reflective of my personality. I think I'm mostly considering a new header and then blog design to match; it will be a while yet though as I'm busy with a lot of other stuff and content to wait.


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