Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Stats

This is my wrap-up post for the year 2011. I originally aspired to 250 then 300 and then 400 books read and I actually managed to surpass that! See below for full details.

I posted 442 posts, the vast majority being reviews of course.

I hosted my first contest and hope to have at least one more in 2012.

I was a First Round Judge at The Shady Glade's best Overlooked YA Book Battle and ended up stepping in as a Round Two Judge too.

How did I do on my 2011 Resolutions (totally forgot I had even written any!)?
-I did end up feeling pressured by myself to read a lot, which was successful but also sometimes stressful so that is one of my goal's for this year. I also felt pressured to post every day which is something I'm dealing with by trying to build up a backlog of posts.
-Reach 100 followers-done! Currently at 267 (thank you so much!) and trying to figure out what will happen when GFC inevitably goes away...
-Finish all my challenges-done! Not that I was very ambitious and this year I only signed up for 2 but I also want to do some readalongs and readathons as I hope to read more classics this year and really buckle down on my FITG challenge.

Year Stats:
Total Books Read: 413
Total Pages Read: 123,040 pages
Average Length of Book: 298 pages
Average Rating of Book: 3.73

By Genre:
Science Fiction/Fantasy-7
Historical Fiction-13
Short Stories-2

(Please keep in mind that I did read more science fiction/fantasy and historical fiction but since it was YA they were classified as that).

Other ebook source-34
Amazon Vine-27

I am very surprised that I read 53 books that I owned; that's about 1/8 of my total and beyond what I was expecting. I am also a little surprised by my library numbers as I would have thought it would be more; but now that I have celebrated one year with my nook color, I guess it's no surprise that I've been reading a good amount on it.


  1. Wow, what a great reading year! I only managed to read 121 books in 2011, down from the 204 I read in 2010.

    You read a lot of library books. Do you ever check out e-books on your Nook? A lot of libraries are offering that, something I am taking advantage of on my Kindle.

    I hope you have a fantastic 2012!

  2. @Christina T: I have used my Nook to check out e-Books; not a lot though because my library doesn't have the best selection. They have a wider range of hard copies.

  3. How on earth did you read 413 books last year? O.O

    ComaCalm's Corner

  4. What an amazing reading year! You should be very, very proud. :-)

    Just seeing this reminds me that I need to read and review all my vine books soon just to have that 75% cushion.

    AND YES to buckling down on FITG!

    Happy New Year :-D

  5. WHOAAAA!!! You read the most out of everyone I saw this year. I only read 79! I am incredibly impressed. WAY TO GO!


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