Sunday, January 29, 2012

Discussion: Commenting

So I think we all love getting comments (at least, I do ;) But sometimes it's hard to comment-making the time, figuring out what to say, etc. I wanted to share my commenting process and explain why you may have gotten a comment from me on a post that's a week old.

I subscribe to my blogs through either Google Friend Connect or their RSS Feed (I'm just going to ignore the upcoming deletion of GFC-I've been trying to switch blogs over but it's kind of annoying). Every morning and evening (and in the afternoon on weekends) I go through my google reader and see what posts I want to comment on. I used to open those posts in multiple tabs but now I like to use Read It Later. You mark a page and then later can come back to it when you have the time to devote yourself to it. This way I still get to mark all of my reader posts as read but I still get to spend time commenting at my leisure. Of course, sometimes I realize that it's been a week since the post appeared and then I sit down and go through my collected posts. Plus you don't have to use it just for blogging; you can use it for any web page.

So I would like to ask, how do you comment?

One other question for you: How do you decide what posts to comment on? For the most part, I comment on books I've already read and occasionally a Waiting on Wednesday post. I feel most comfortable when I can mention my own opinion on a book. Thus I definitely prefer when bloggers don't focus exclusively on ARCs or else I will never find a review to comment on!

I'm also excited because the SAG awards are on tonight; although I haven't seen many of the movies showcased, I adore awards shows and am looking forward to this one!


  1. I try to comment on every post I read on someones blog (as apposed to reading in google reader). Usually I have something to say. I can comment on the cover, whether I would read the book, or something that stood out to me in the post. I've never heard of read it later but I'll check it out. I open posts in tabs but this can be stressful sometimes ;).

  2. I still haven't figured out the best way for me to comment and read all my blogs. Someone had suggested picking one day a week and catch up on blogs, but that's just not working for me! I'm pretty random with commenting, though. I think it depends on time. I usually comment, though, if someone has talked me into or out of reading a book.
    I've never heard of the "read it later" feature, so that's definitely something I want to look into!! :)


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