Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I'm Into Right Now 20NOV11

Just wanted to share a couple of fun things I'm liking right now:

Historically Accurate Disney Dresses-This is a series drawn by Claire Hummel; you can check them all out and purchase them here. Currently features 10 Disney characters with the potential for more to come! I will be receiving the series for Christmas.

Cinder and Ella-I posted my review earlier this year as part of a blog tour but now the book is actually out and you can pick up a copy to see if I got it right.

 Katy Perry concert-I don't know if you heard but Katy Perry bought out the Staples Center in LA and gave out the tickets for FREE (link) and my family got tickets! So we're making the drive (in Thanksgiving traffic-eek!) to Los Angeles to see her again. We already saw her but we're so thrilled to have won.

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