Monday, November 21, 2011

Eddie's War

Eddie's War by Carol Fisher Saller
Namelos, 2011
194 pages
YA; Historical
5/5 stars

Source: Received an e-ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I must admit that I entered this book skeptically seeing that it was laid out in what looked like verse and my skepticism increased as I realized how short each chapter was and how short the book overall was. How could it possibly develop any characters or themes with such little time? Well, if you saw my star review up there, you'd see that Saller succeeded admirably and left me blinking back some tears because the characters did get under my skin and make me care.

This book is a historical novel set in small-town Illinois before and during WWII. Eddie is just a young boy living on a farm with his family but over the years he sees some things. Such as the Polish gypsy Jozef who is viewed with suspicion by the neighbors; such as his abusive grandfather; such as his older brother and friends going off to war; such as the mysteries of girls; such as standing up for what is right.

This book touches on everything; some books would cover the same events in 500 pages and not pack such an emotional punch. The humor, the sadness, the randomness of life all conveyed in this small package with lovely writing. And it left me with tears in my eyes from the feelings it evoked. Somewhat sadness over some of the events, somewhat sadness that the book was over, but mostly happy tears over a sweet story.

Overall: Highly recommended historical fiction novel for all.

Tip: A great, quick read that will touch your heart AND add another book to you read list for the year!


  1. Lovely! I like the sound of this. I love this type of story, showing an ordinary person in extraordinary circumstances.

  2. I ordered this for my library's YA collection so I am very happy to read such a positive review. Hopefully the teens will like it too!

  3. Oh my gosh, this sounds like such a sweet and touching and beautiful and sad read -- which is exactly the kind of book I need to read more of! I don't really pick up many historical books, but your review makes me really want to OWN this one! I love that it's meaningful without being lengthy because so many authors don't see that AMAZING things can come in small packages! :)

    Awesome review, B!! I hope I love it as much as you!


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