Monday, June 20, 2011


Crowned by Julie Linker
Simon Pulse, 2008
290 pages
YA; Contemporary
4/5 stars

Source: Library

Read for YA Overlooked Book Battle.

I really enjoyed the conversational tone of this book as Presley directs her narration toward the narrator with frequent asides.  I also enjoyed the setting, which is focused on a beauty pageant, as might be guessed by looking at the cover.  The main focus is Presley's rivalry with Megan at the pageant and many hilarious events happen over the course of the novel.  Presley is brash and rather confident but she frequently acts ridiculous and I found myself laughing a lot.

Although I think I've only watched Miss America maybe once, I'll admit that I have long been interested in the whole concept of the beauty pageant circuit (too many viewings of Miss Congeniality?)  This provides many insights on the process from talent to interview portions and they added verisimilitude although I admit that I can't actually judge on the accuracy.

Of course there are also some cute guys.  There is the very nice but gullible Gabe who breaks up with Presley by making out with Megan in the hallway of their school early in the book.  However Robbie, the very hot senior, takes more than a friendly interest in Presley.  Neither guy occupies much page space but being possessed of a vivid imagination, I was able to conjure up pictures of them, which added a lot.

Overall: A funny and opinionated main character in the cut-throat world of beauty pageants.

Cover: The main character's hair is actually stated as blonde in the beginning although that changes...but I really like the purple and the tiara is very pretty.


  1. I admit that the subject of the novel is not my thing, but I love the cover! I bet that such a tiara's every girl's secret dream.:)

  2. This sounds cute. I hope I laugh out loud, too :)


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