Friday, March 5, 2010

Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Alabaster, 1997
Originally published 1991
464 pages

Summary: A retelling of the Book of Hosea. Angel was sold into prostitution and has little hope of another life. Michael Hosea is a godly man who can't believe God wants him to marry Angel. But he obeys and she has to grapple with his unconditional love and the truth of God...

Why I Read: My Bible study had looked at a few passages from Hosea and some friends had raved about this book so I wanted to check it out too. I was a little uncertain about the setting (1850s California) because I tend to prefer Regency romance novels.

Thoughts: This was such a powerful book. I cried basically from halfway through the book to the end (in a good way!) My favorite scene (not a spoiler if you know the Bible book) is when Michael goes and fights for Angel which of course makes me imagine God fighting for me against all of my sin. I may not be a prostitute in the accepted sense but I sometimes worship TV and other things and ignore God. It is also a good lesson in forgiveness. As I was reading, I was thinking mean things about the character Paul (because he's a BIG jerk) and at first I didn't want to forgive him but then I realized that's SO stupid and completely against this book and THE book (that would be the Bible)

Overall: 5/5 I loved this book! I used to read secular romance novels but lately they have not held much appeal. I would definitely recommend this to new Christians who like the romance genre. I would not give it to non-Christians as I think they would find it overwhelming.

Cover: This is the cover my copy from the library had and I think it looks very eighties; I much prefer the red dress cover that it has now.

Recommendations: Has anyone read any other Francine Rivers? What would you recommend? Or any other retellings of Biblical stories?


  1. The Mark of the Lion series was my first introduction to Francine Rivers and I actually started reading them when I was a pre-teen. (just told my mom that recently and was surprised she didn't have a heart attack over it. LOL)

    You really should read "and the Shofar blew" by Ms Rivers. I promise you that if you thought Redeeming Love was powerful, you will be brought to your knees reading Shofar. I could not put it down when I read it in college. Come to think of it, I really need to dig it out of my boxes of books and re-read it. I need the kick in the butt that it will surely give me a second time.

  2. I read Redeeming Love and loved it as well. I haven't read any of her other books though, but I should.

    Hope you have a good week of reading!

    Lynne's Book Reviews

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Hannah-I will put "And the Shofar Blew" at the top of my list!


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