Sunday, March 7, 2010

Disney Movie

Last night some friends and I decided to watch some Disney movies. My one friend had been listening to the Lion King soundtrack so we decided to watch that and Hercules is my favorite Disney animated film featuring my favorite Disney heroine and my favorite Disney song ("I Won't Say I'm in Love") so we decided to watch that too.

Hercules was AWESOME as usual. I was quite proud of myself in that I was able to refrain from quoting practically every line. Well I mouthed the words but no sound emerged so I didn't disturb anyone. I also watched the teenage years of Herc which I usually skip. I've seen the film so many times (it's been out for thirteen years so I would say close to one hundred times) that normally I just watch my favorite parts (all the songs) over and over again. It was a good experience watching the film as a whole.

And then we watched The Lion King which I haven't seen in a while because I was traumatized by the stampede as a little kid (Disney has quite a few similar scenes in other films: Hunchback, Pocahontas, Finding Nemo). But rewatching it, I find it so enjoyable; no wonder it was so popular at its release and of course onward. My favorite songs are I Just Can't Wait to Be King and Scar's Be Prepared. And except for Mufasa's death, an overall fun experience.

So all in all, some good times! Oscars tonight-woot!

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