Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gerard Butler Double-Feature

The Ugly Truth, 2009
Starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler
Rating: 3.5/5
Summary: At imdb
I remember when this movie came out and it was brutally crushed by the critics but grossed a decent amount showing that the people were interested in it. I did not see it at the time because it came out after I had left for my study abroad program. When I returned I was unsure if I wanted to see it because I do not like films with a lot of swearing (in general I don't watch many R films) but it was on TV so I figured I would watch it. It was not that bad! I realize that seems like faint praise but I thought it would be absolutely awful and instead there were some okay moments. I liked Heigl's clothes and some scenes. The doctor was cute. Not fantabulous but I would probably watch it again although I would not buy it.
The Bounty Hunter, 2010
Starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler
Rating: 4/5
Summary: At imdb
So I really like Jen and I want to support her burgeoning movie career (although she should totally do Cougar Town with Courtney!) but she's been in a lot of crappy movies. Consequently I did not have high expectations for this film. But I ended up having a lot of fun! It was very predictable (and you know I usually cannot telegraph even the most obvious plot twists of books!) but I enjoyed saying "this is what will happen next" and then elbowing my sister in triumph when it came to pass. I don't think Gerard Butler was as good looking in this as he was in The Ugly Truth but he's still hot. Jen is very pretty although too tan for my taste. Christine Baranski is good as her mom; Jason Sudeikis is funny as Jen's overzealous suitor; but the highlight for me was Siobhan Fallon who was very good. Again I probably won't buy this on DVD but I would watch it again!

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