Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ramblings and the Week to Come 29DEC13

Honestly all I want to read is The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton (2013 Man Booker Prize Winner) but it is a massive book that will slow me down so I'm saving it for my trip. I've already loaded up my Nook to bring several dozen reading possibilities on the trip (also charger because it would be very unfortunate to forget that component!)

I am so close to my 2013 goal of 300 books. After some good reading time yesterday, I just need to finish two more. I'm going through my e-ARCs to see which is shortest and may be making my decision based on that. In a mixed blessing, I'm not going to have much time to read today but that is because I'm seeing my oldest friend today (I haven't been with her in person in about 7 years and she's finally visiting the Best Coast :) It's definitely worth it!

I continue to adore my job. It's getting so busy and will only ramp up throughout the first quarter, which is exciting but it does mean that 2014 will be off to a slow start for me in terms of blogging. I am comfortable with that though because I also have my holiday where I hope to catch up on commenting but also focusing on enjoying being with my family and our location.

Less than a week away!
Manchester United pulled off another win so they get to end the year strong. My beloved Eagles have a chance to trounce the Dallas Cowboys tonight so I'm going to be a nervous Nellie until that's over (ideally with the result I want!)

Week to Come:
  • Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott as I'm a long-time fangirl of Scott; in short, she did not disappoint!
  • Final War and Peace entry!
  • 2013 Wrap-Up-will I make my goal of 300 books read?
  • I have some other titles to consider but these are the priority!
  • I'm also working on a post about 2014 plans though I've already shared that my main one is to write less because I'm just drained.
How is your year-end looking? What are you reading? Is anyone else's brain just going to jelly? I feel like I really lived up to the "ramblings" part of my post title today!


  1. Have fun with your friend!!
    300 books is just amazing. Doing 200 has been realistic for me, but I'm struggling to finish my last two.
    Happy 2014 :)
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. I hope you have a great time at Disney World! A friend of mine just spent Christmas there with her family. I hope to go someday...

    I'm impressed that you've read so many books this year including War & Peace! I am hoping to finish one more book to reach 150. Still can't decide what my last book of 2013 should be :)

  3. Oh I'm glad to hear Heartbeat is good. I need to squeeze that in this week too. Going to Disney sounds FUN! One day we hope to bring the kids...

  4. Enjoy your vacation! I'm looking forward to reading Heartbeat myself.

  5. I have no comment of the Sports section, my husband is a Dallas fan. lol Enjoy your time with your friend. 300 books is Amazing. Have a great week. :)

  6. That's great your friend is visiting. Hope you have a great time! I'm hoping to read a lot in 2014, but I also want to focus on things that I'm super excited about and not just review books.


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