Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ramblings and the Week to Come 22DEC 13

A Mini-Rant about Goodreads:
I received an email from the site this week, inviting me to look back at what I've read for 2013, announcing that I had read 286 books. I was outraged that they were declaring my total even though I had almost two more weeks to read more (I'm shooting for 300 and have been putting in a lot of reading time trying to meet that; at 290 as of this morning and trying to complete two more today.) That made me kind of mad!

Irving Berlin's White Christmas:
Yesterday, as part of my mom's birthday gift, we took her to see Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" based on the classic and beloved film. It deletes some songs and adds in others from the same composer for what could very well become a holiday classic. The Bob Wallace character is more shy and less cranky while Phil is more of a ladies man. We were utterly charmed and found this to be an excellent addition to our holidays!

Blogging Goals for 2014:
I don't really have any big blogging goals for the new year other than trying not to be so intense about posting. As you may have noticed, I've fallen behind on posting as 2013 comes to an end but I've mostly erased my guilt (I know, I shouldn't feel guilty but I do.) For the new year, I've already reduced my reading goal to 200 books, which will result in posting less but hopefully it will allow me more time to comment and to feel more revitalized by being in the blogosphere instead of enervated.


New Year's Resolutions:
As I think back on 2013, I don't think I really kept up with them but I still had a great year by being open to trying new things. For example, in the active realm, I completed 3 5Ks, joined my company's softball team, and faithfully committed to an exercise regime. I'm not sure what I might try this year; maybe Toastmasters to improve my extemporaneous skills though I anticipate pursuing several activities. What are you thinking about for the new year? Give me inspiration!

Week to Come:
I have loads of great e-ARCs to read (like Cruel Beauty, Avalon, The Afterparty, Uninvited, and No One Else Can Have You among others) but I have no idea what I want to read this week. You might see some of these; you might see completely different titles that I need to review for Amazon Vine. You might not see anything though I'm hoping to get up at least two.

Happy Holidays:
Below is my favorite Christmas song; Darlene Love performs it annually for David Letterman.


  1. I don't really understand why Goodreads came with that so early, but I tweeted it anyway saying that 'I haven't met my goal yet' You've read a huge amount of books by the way, good job :D!

  2. I was surprised to see that message from Goodreads also. I am not sure how many more books I'll finish before the year is up but I'm almost done with my current book and could probably fit in a few more. They were just jumping the gun I guess :)

    The musical sounds really cool. I love White Christmas. I usually watch it every Christmas but haven't watched it this year yet.

    I'm not ready to think about goals for 2014 yet! I definitely have dropped off in my number of posts this year though I have read more books. I'll have to give it some thought. I'd love to get into exercise again. I haven't really been motivated and the gym is so expensive where I live so I'll probably have to use exercise DVDs...

    Have a great Christmas week!

  3. My mom and I saw White Christmas the musical a few years back. It was really good!! I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I don't really do resolutions for the new year. I'd like to physically write down the titles of all the books I read since it's easier for me to keep track of how many books that way.

  4. Woot, pulling for you for 300! Boo on goodreads for prematureaity.

  5. I didn't get a message from GoodReads ... my goal is 100 and I'm 4 short but I'm determined lol. I cut back on review books and book tours this year but I think I'm going to cut back again in 2014, especially in the last quarter, and lead up to Christmas. It's just too much pressure at a busy time of the year and for me getting stressed takes the fun out of reading and blogging.

    I like your idea of trying new things, I want to teach myself some more html and photo editing. I'm going to keep up with my walking regime, the fitbit has really kept me motivated and encouraged.

    Have a wonderful week and Merry Christmas if I'm not back before it's here :)

  6. Good Luck on the 300. I had a horrible reading year and won't make my goal but still happy with what I did read.
    Have a Great Week and Merry Christmas!

  7. Awesome post sweetie :D Hope you'll get to 300 books read. <3 You are awesome. Happy reading and Happy Holidays :)

  8. Hope you had a merry Christmas!

    YES! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was ticked by Goodreads' premature announcement. I'm SO close to meeting my goal and I still have time. Totally did not appreciate that email.

    And, as always, I'm blown away by how many books you can read, plus doing all the other fantastic things you do!

  9. Sorry I have been away for a year. Oops. That is not right on Goodreads' part. Congratulations so far on the book total. My new years resolution is , trying to post again next year

    Hugs & kisses


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