Sunday, February 28, 2010


So many things to report:

1. I got a new computer! Basically what happened is my old one broke so I took it to Best Buy (where I bought it and had an extended warranty). I was pretty sure it was a hard drive problem because when I tried to reload the software as the Mac instructions say, it didn't recognize a hard drive. But I wasn't entirely sure. A week later, they call and say it was a software problem (which is NOT covered under warranty) so I go back and am told that they can fix (for a substantial price) so I pay. Another week passes and they call saying it is a hard drive problem and they need to ship it out (so that's two weeks for them to figure out something I figured out in a few hours). Five days later, they call me (they had been calling my parents since they had bought the computer in the first place) to confirm that they could ship the computer out. It will still take another five-six weeks meaning all February and March, I would not have a computer for my schoolwork (and blogging!) But my parents came to visit and bought me a new computer (actually it's an upgrade to the MacBook Pro from a regular MacBook). Right now I am hoping that my original computer will be fixed by the end of my semester in May. In happier news, it looks like I saved at least 30% of my music (I had a lot) which means a lot of work to figure out what I lost but I saved some important songs so that's good. (Whew, that was long!)

2. I'm on twitter now! I'm planning to post more frequently about what I'm reading as well as contests on other blogs. Currently I'm reading Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde which is very good! I also have a few review posts to get up here.

3. I also am planning to post more-I have a stack of books I'm really excited about and I hope I will do better in the future.

That's all for now!

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