Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kick-Off of Romance Week

Hmmm...I was experimenting with uploading multiple pictures and I'm not wholly satisfied with this but it will have to do as I keep figuring out how to transfer what's in my head to what appears. Anyway this is a list of the romances that got me in to romances to set up romance week on my blog, which basically just means that I will review seven romance books over the course of the next week.

They're linked to goodreads so you can read the plot because I'm mostly talking about how I found them and how I reacted to them.

In no particular order:

1. Educating Caroline by Patricia Cabot: I loved Meg Cabot's YA so I picked up this romance novel which is set in the later part of the nineteenth century rather than my preferred Regency era. Caroline is endearing and I loved the romance; I read this loads of times.
2. An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn: My first JQ and a Cinderella variation-obviously this holds a special place in my heart.
3. Stealing the Bride by Elizabeth Boyle: Part of a series although I didn't realize that.  Temple is very dashing and Diana is ever so strong-willed-they're a perfect match!
4. Once Upon a Dream by Katherine Kingsley: Another Cinderella variation, this one involving Irish/English tensions. This is also a book that I have a tendency to forget both the title and author of; don't know why.
5. Stand-In Groom by Kaye Dacus: Just read this one; you can check out my review here.
6. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers: Read this earlier in the year; so powerful.

and two which I read at the beginning of my romance reading that hold a sentimental place in my heart despite some pretty brutal stuff:

1. The Diamond Slipper by Jane Feather: The main character in this book is raped repeatedly by her husband and if I remember correctly, is also forced to have a home abortion by that husband after he thinks she's conceived with her lover. But for some reason I loved this one.
2. The Reluctant Suitor by Kathleen E Woodiwiss: The hero is kind of a jerk in this, if I remember and the heroine is harassed by another would-be suitor in a violent and scary climax.  Has generally been rated by Woodiwiss fans as way below par.

So this are some of the romance books I've loved; maybe some of the books I'm reviewing this week will capture my heart and join them?

What are your favorite romance books/romantic books, if you don't read in the genre?


  1. I am so looking forward to your reviews of these books! I do love a good romance. I used to read this genre all the time and although I don't read it so much these days, I still love it, I'm kind of sentimental about it. I mean, I read historical romances less often these days, but I think I still read quite a few comtemporary romances. (I do prefer historical ones, though.)

    Anyway...My favourite romance books? Well, my favourite romance novel is still "The Rose in Winter" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, so it's really good you have one of her books on your list. I haven't read that one yet, but if it's good, then I will.

  2. Hi! You have won an award over at my blog;come and check it out!

  3. as your first Julia Quinn I would recommend "The Viscount who loved me"'s so so so so good, I did read other books by JQ but I didn't like them , The Viscount who loved me is simply great


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