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The Iron Queen

The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa
HarlequinTeen, 2011
358 pages
YA; Paranoramal; Faerie
4/5 stars
The Iron Fey #3

Source: Library

This is not a traditional review but is instead my thoughts after completing each part.  I seem to be very much in the minority on this series so I'm looking forward to comments from other people who [RESPECTFULLY] disagree with my opinions.  Also that means spoilers galore!

Part 1:

I just don't really like Meghan. I don't think she's very smart; she's not sensible; I bet she's not very punctual; I'm not sure she has a sense of humor. In short, she doesn't seem to possess the main traits I admire in a literary heroine. I mean, sure, she's brave and she's lost a lot of her naivety through her many dealings with the sly fae, which makes her more cunning.  But I don't like her.

Of course I'm very into Puck who gets dumped on A LOT in this part.  First it's totally his fault for not making a move on Meghan when they were friends.  Because it's completely normal for a centuries old faerie and a say 13-year old human to get involved. Yes, let's blame Puck for letting Meghan grow up before attempting to bind her in a relationship like Ash did.  Also my memory must be going because I can't remember why it's Puck's fault that Ariella is gone-is it really his fault or is that yet another thing people want to blame on Puck?  Oh, it's also Puck's fault that her father is still alive if unable to remember her. Because if he hadn't done anything, then Meghan would have blamed him for not protecting her father from Mab. He cannot win.

Also why do the guys smirk so much? Mostly Ash but also Puck.  Do you know what I imagine a smirk as? It's what a smug asshole does, like James Spader in Pretty in Pink. Not flattering to either guy.  On the bright side, Ash is way less annoying here. Probably because he's starting to trust Meghan more, not that he won't flip out over her wanting to release him from a vow. Now that's a grave insult in the faerie world but how is Meghan supposed to know that? Seriously, when would she have ever learned that?! Also they're grossly possessive of each other, like I was gagging from some of their scenes.

To end on a positive note, Grim is still fantastic and I still really love Lea.

Parts 2 and 3:

Just to reiterate, Grim=Awesome.  I also loved meeting Razor and the gremlins who seemed very sweet with Meghan.  Actually for the most part, I did enjoy these sections because there was less Ash (although gag times infinity at the end of part II with their "auras" uniting) and more action, magic, and Iron Fey.  Also to further support my opinion that Meghan isn't very smart, she took over 300 pages to realize that she had to unite her Summer and Iron powers when Machina (and I) had been telling her that for ages.  It was SO obvious and when I think it's obvious, then it's obvious (I can rarely solve mysteries so when I unravel this one on my first go, then it's pretty obvious).

I also enjoy suspense and for me, much of the suspense would ordinarily revolve around wondering who survived; epic action stories should have some sacrifice [Sidenote: have you ever heard that Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die in Episode 6? I think he has a point although I would have sacrificed almost anyone besides Han and Leia since I would want their romance to survive]. Well, I knew they survived because a. Meghan is telling the story so she has to survive or else the story cuts off weirdly and b. I knew that Ash and Puck were in The Iron Knight so obviously they have to survive.  Speaking of that book, I don't think I'll be reading it.  While I grew to appreciate Kagawa's Fey world more as I read, I'm not an Ash fan-girl and would probably not appreciate it.  I do hope that everyone who reads it does enjoy it though!

Check back later for my review of Puck's novella, Summer's Crossing (I did really like it)!

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  1. haha, I LOVE this review! I liked Meghan and Ash a lot more in this book, but I still see what you're saying. And even if I didn't, I love how you said it ("I bet she's not very punctual" Love it!) :P

    I also agree with you about Puck. Fine, I get it, Ash is Meghan's one true love whatever, but that doesn't mean they need to dump on Puck so much. What did he ever do that was so wrong? And, no, I don't think he can be fairly blamed for any of those things.


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