Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Signing-Kiersten White, Andrea Cremer, and Stephanie Perkins

I arrived at about 5:15 and was excited to see the poster advertising the event as well as quite a few people who had arrived before me.

I checked out where the event would be and there was a table set up for each of the authors as well as the boy they were promoting. According to a volunteer, they were doing a podcast in the back.

The table with the books

This didn't come out as well as I had hoped but if you can see, they renamed some of the items in the Barnes and Noble cafe to celebrate the release of the books.

Then the authors came out (quite promptly I believe although I didn't check my watch so I can't be certain).

This is Kiersten standing on a chair in order to be heard better, describing how the event would go. First each author read a short excerpt, then there were five questions, a quick chocolate giveaway and then the signing.

Reading from Supernaturally; I haven't started yet but it was somewhere in the middle with the introduction of a unicorn.
Andrea reading from Wolfsbane; I was a bit lost because I haven't read Nightshade yet (reviews for both of those books will be posted in August-I have the whole month planned out already!)
And Stephanie reading from Anna and the French Kiss; also clarification on the pronunciation of Etienne.

Overall, it was a very fun event and I'm so happy I got to attend and meet all three authors! Be sure to check back later for the winners of my giveaway.


  1. I am quite jealous you got to go to this!!! Looks like it was a ton of fun! I would like die to meet all three of them :)

  2. That's so awesome you got to go! I would LOVE to meet all three of them, I've read all their books! That's really neat that the bookstore did so much to make it even better (by renaming stuff in the cafe, that's awesome!).

  3. Oh my gosh, you're so lucky that you got to meet those three particular authors! I've read all of their books and I'm a HUGE fan of each of them!

    I love the whole cafe idea -- it's so creative!

    Hope you had an awesome time! :)


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