Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Stats/Half Year Wrap-Up

A. It's one of my best friend's birthday today and it's an important one so I'm going to wish her a happy birthday although I don't know if she'll see this.

B. I was really disappointed with my total at first but I am still struggling with balancing work/reading so hopefully it will be better next month.
Books Read This Month: 19-all from the library
Favorite Book: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Worst Book: Just Jane by Nancy Moser
Longest Book: When Everything Changed by Gail Collins, 405 pages
Shortest Book: And Then There Were None, 194 pages
Most Read Genre: Mystery with 6, YA with 5

Sum up of first six months of 2010
Favorite book of so far: Anne of Green Gables by LM Montgomery
Total Pages Read: 42,706
Total Books Read: 134 (not bad, right?)

Challenges Update: I finished the Bronte challenge with the good book Charlotte and Emily by Jude Morgan. I am hoping to add another book to my Terry Pratchett challenge this month.

Plans for July: Well, I was going to read my own books but then I went to the library so I have a few more from there to go through. I am also in the process of listening to Dead Until Dark, my first audiobook, which I will finish by Friday because it's due then. I have some thoughts about what else I will read but nothing set in stone.

How was your reading for June?


  1. Wow, 19 books read in one moment, you beat me by far!;) June was a great reading month for you, I see. I like your stats. Happy further reading in July!

  2. You're disappointed with 19 books in one month?! That sounds like a lot to me :) I finished 16 this past month and thought that was a lot lol.

    I've never thought to keep track of my pages. I think because I don't pay attention to it on the Kindle.

    I love the Southern Vampire Series, but didn't really feel that way until the 4th book. So if you only like the first one (but don't love it), I'd recommend giving the series at least one more book before you give it up.

    Tara SG


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