Saturday, July 3, 2010

Books Bought

So in order to pysch myself up for my personal read my own books challenge, I bought some new books-that's the right way to go about things, right? ;-) Plus I just got my first paycheck and I went a bit crazy...Anyway, I got some cool stuff...(Links are to goodreads)

Half the Sky-examining women's oppression around the world and some options about what can be done about it
The Hunger Games-because I finally saw it in paperback and I feel like one of the few YA bloggers who hasn't read it yet
Drood by Dan Simmons-a massive book which I am hoping will inspire me to read actual Dickens like reading about Austen inspires me to go back to the real stuff

Agatha Christies that were on sale AND featuring my favorite covers:
At Bertram's Hotel-click through to see the actual color of the cover (it's not blue!)
Evil Under the Sun-already read and reviewed but I had checked it 0ut of the library so I wanted my own copy

And that's what I got! I will definitely be reviewing the Christies soon and hopefully I will finish all of them by the end of the month.

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