Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Glee Finale

Finale Thoughts! Spoilers, naturally; best read as if you were watching the show although it is not as detailed as it could be.
  • I liked seeing Puck and Quinn's hookup although I still like Puckleberry and Finn/Quinn.
  • I'm really not sure about having the kids over to his apartment; a little inappropriate even though it's the whole group.
  • Looking forward to seeing Uncle Jesse as Carl the dentist!
  • I love Journey especially "Anyway You Want It" and I love how that links back to the pilot.
  • FOUR judges?! It should be an odd number, three or five.
  • I still don't like Fichel so not a fan of his "I love you"
  • I did not like that they did the same entrance for "Faithfully" as they did for "Don't Rain..." Entering from the audience=LAME!
  • RED PIANO!!!!!!!! Awesome!
  • Sixties dress covers Quinn's pregnancy well
  • Kurt during Any Way Mash-up-so adorable. Well basically so adorable all the time (Have I mentioned that Kurt is my favorite character? Love Chris Colfer!)
  • Quinn's mom came?! I love that although took her long enough!
  • Not a fan of Vocal Adrenaline's female's outfits although they get a white piano and a spotlight on Jonathan Groff so that's good! (I love you, Jonathan Groff!)
  • I love the judges' meeting (just like at Sectionals); ONJ is mean (and funny!)
  • I'm resigned that New Directions didn't win because as a West Coaster I had already seen that online.
  • A little creepy with Shelby showing up at the hospital but good luck to her.
  • I like fiery Emma although how is Will in love with Emma? They haven't even talked in the last few episodes!
  • Everyone in Glee Club gets to talk, even Matt and Mike!
  • If Will is Finn's example of a man, he is screwed. Remember how Will threatened and physically intimidated his wife? (I do!) But Will is pretty good to the kids so if Finn is more committed to that...personally I think he should try to be more Burt.
  • Sue voted for ND!!!!!! I guess she is not immune to the power of Journey.
  • How can Sue keep blackmailing Figgins?! It's overused.
  • Will has a ukelele and the ability to play it?! Um, okay.
Wants for 2nd season (with recognition that I disagree with much of fandom on some of these)
  • Sue needs a new conflict; trying to destroy Glee club is stale although Jane Lynch's performance is fab of course.
  • More Kurt cos that's never a bad thing
  • More Quinn and hopefully more friendship between Quinn and Mercedes and Quinn and Kurt; I would also like her to go back to Cheerios and dominate the school again but in a nice way!
  • Rachel's dads?
  • Hopefully cute guys playing Kurt's boyfriend and the Christian character (can't remember if he is actually supposed to be male or female?)
  • More Terri-I actually like her
  • Less Will-he annoys me
  • More cohesive narrative across the whole season-the back nine was somewhat of a mess. For example, are Finn and his mom still living with Kurt and Burt?

1. Faithfully-Finn and Rachel
2. Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'-New Directions
3. Don't Stop Believin'-Rachel, Finn, Puck, Santana, and New Directions
4. Bohemian Rhapsody-Vocal Adrenaline
5. To Sir With Love-New Directions
6. Over the Rainbow-Will and Puck

I think I'll go in to Glee withdrawal this summer! Luckily I have all the songs and I'll get the DVD soon enough. I'm very interested to see what they have planned for next season. What do you think?

Also liked Pretty Little Liars although I still kind of get the girls confused (I only know Aria). I also thought the guys were REALLY hot; can't pick a fave but Ian, Wren (or Ren as my captions said?) and the police detective (Wilden?) were most pleasing. I'm thinking about posting on this show over the summer but I'm not sure. What do you think?

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