Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Scottish Witch

The Scottish Witch by Cathy Maxwell
2.5/5 stars
Avon, 2012
384 pages
Adult Historical Romance

Source: Received an e-ARC through the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Earlier this year I read the first book Lyon's Bride, introducing the Chattans and their curse. Because Charles Chattan broke the heart of Scottish lass Rose, her witch mother Fenella cursed the male descendants. If they fall in love, they will die. Every one for generations has fallen before the birth of their first son except for the most recent generation which consists of two sons and a daughter. Although the three vowed to remain out of love, the eldest fell and started feeling symptoms. This is the second book with second son Harry traveling to Scotland, seeking a way to end the curse.

Of course he does not anticipate meeting Portia, poor plain spinster, sister to the beautiful Minerva and daughter of a snobbish mother. Portia is a delight-loyal to her family, strong, protective, fun. The pair meet when she pretends to be a witch in order to earn the reward he offers. Pretty soon the physical attraction between the two is bouncing off the walls but as Portia falls in love with Harry, they know it would be the death of him and he resists.

Although I was highly anticipating this book, I ended up feeling very disappointed. Harry is very flat here despite being charming and undergoing a great trial in the first book. Almost immediately after meeting, the two begin their physical relationship and while we are told about the talks they share, the reader isn't really privy to them. I felt like I was supposed to care about the characters either because of my previous experience reading about Harry or because that's what you do when you read romance. But I found the whole very unsatisfactory. Subplots of Portia's sister and mother's courtships were a nice addition to pad out the story but were insufficient to cover up the lack of depth in Portia and Harry's relationship.

On the other hand, I did like the supernatural elements. Possibly Fenella has been reincarnated as a cat and that is how she is keeping the curse strong. I love cats so I just like thinking about that sweet ball of fur lounging around and getting the better of everyone.

Overall: A disappointing sequel although I am still curious to find out how Margaret Chattan is going to break the curse as she must (and who she is going to fall in love with)!



  1. Aw, it's disappointing when you love a book and the sequel isn't what you hoped....

  2. Too bad this book didn't meet your expectations. I hate when that happens with second books.

    I do like the idea of the love curse that has to be broken. I also love romances set in Scotland so maybe I'll give this series a try.


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