Sunday, October 21, 2012

Celebrating #SykesSunday with books, shoes, and #IFoundYou @thewantedmusic

Last week, I shared about some of my main preoccupations: namely, books, shoes, and The Wanted. So today I thought I'd share some specifics from those very general categories.

First up is books. I got to pick up two highly anticipated books from the library this week (expect reviews before the end of the month):

Next up I'm thinking about shoes; I really like these green flats from yeswalker. Firstly I prefer to fantasize about affordable shoes and second I already bought red, orange, yellow, and blue shoes from them with good results. What do you think?

And lastly, we have The Wanted's new video for the lead single from their upcoming as-yet-untitled third album, "I Found You." Please watch and then let's talk.

A. I quite like the cinematic feel as well as the violence. The ending's also a neat twist.

B. I love the Nathan wink at approximately 3:15 (and his solo before that...and the fact that he wears a watch...and, well, everything. Nathan's my favorite ;)

 C. I haven't quite been able to articulate all my feelings but I do feel like there's something problematic with the portrayal of the woman in this video. Does any one else get that feeling? If so, can you articulate it for me?

D. Cannot wait for more songs to come from the boys (as well as for them to spend more time in America so I can see them live!)

What are you up to this fine Sunday?



  1. Those shoes are fab! Love them! :) I have ballet flats too and they are super comfortable.. ;) Only I can't wear them anymore. It's super cold!!

  2. I love when anticipated books arrive at the library :) It is even better when they live up to my expectations!

    Cute shoes! Love the quilted look. They look so comfortable too.

    Honestly, I've read pathetically little of what he *has* written, but but but... ooooh!

    And afforadble shoes? *hugs*
    Seriously, I love cheapy shoes. If can get a pair of shoes for $15, I'm liek SCORE! MORE MONEY FOR BOOKS :D

  4. Because It Is My Blood is supposed to be super good, I believe! Enjoy. :)


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